We are Palm Labs

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What’s our Story?

We have assembled a team of product whizzes, design masters, and development geniuses passionately pursuing the bleeding, hair splitting, cutting edge of mobile apps. We are driven by a simple goal: create high-quality applications that solve real world problems. We’re not here to work on just any app, rather we develop solutions that make a difference. It’s what makes us tick.

We achieve our business goals through smart and high-functioning apps that genuinely engage our users and keep them coming back for more.

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Pursue concepts that connect and solve all the right challenges, in the correct priority.
We feel this approach yields great success. It is so simple, and seems so inevitable.
  • Emphasize on ROI

    We solve real business problems with a focus on delivering measurable ROI on every project.

  • User-Centered Design

    Whether it’s a customer or employee adoption, we understand that an app’s viability relies on the user’s enjoyment of it.

  • Rock-solid Development

    Build to last. A good-looking app is nothing without a rock solid foundation of code. Repeat: nothing. We are no-holds-barred perfectionists on this front.

  • Concepting & Strategy

    We try and understand market needs and trends and come up with ideas that make sense… why it’s going to be successful, why anyone would care…

Epifony is a comprehensive enterprise account receivable management CRM platform that optimizes and streamlines the entire accounts receivables lifecycle. Epifony incorporates machine learning capabilities that apply predictive analytics to determine the likelihood of accounts being settled or paid in full. It will also incorporate a multitude of data points such as demographics, call analysis, and account history. This will allow our clients to prioritize accounts according to their likelihood to lead to more positive outcomes. Another important machine learning capability will be an automatic self-service negotiator that predicts the optimal settlement amount based on historical data and preset client parameters. Epifony also incorporates workflow automation into its core design drastically minimizing manual workflow management.

DCDial is a robust, feature-rich and cost-effective cloud voice and text communication platform. The platform consists of various modules to support different communication channels such as SMS, Automated calls, IVR’s, etc. and can be tailored for multiple verticals that utilize and currently rely on hosted communication solutions. Our platform also incorporates advanced tools such as speech recognition, business intelligence, customer sentiment tracking and so on. Our ultimate goal is to become a leader in this space through the creation of a cost-effective AI driven platform that automates most of the our clients’ communication initiatives.